Warehouse Management

Some businesses are out of space to store the inventory they possess and for the purpose, we facilitate the warehouses with their efficient management, for a seamless business operation. Timely delivery, optimized distribution, enhanced productivity, and all leading to a great client experience are some perquisites for businesses utilizing the special warehouses. Such large and efficiently managed stores also reduce the errors and damages in the order fulfillment process.

Ensuring the safety, trouble-free handling, and uninterrupted supply of products, the warehouse and the management facility offered by Amaze Wish proves to provide the perfect peace of mind.

While Inventory management aims to generate greater revenue by offering right products at right time, Warehouse management is the maximizing the efficiency of the warehouse operations.

Services Offered

Order Fulfillment

Amaze Wish takes care of the entire order fulfillment process- starting from sales to the overall experience of Inventory Management, Storage,Receiving orders, Picking,... the customers. Receiving orders, Picking, Packing, Shipping, and Management of the returned product, are facilitated for the purpose. Drafting an effective strategy for this multi-stage process can be tricky for the startups or businesses going online, so with the rich expertise in business operations, Amaze Wish comes as a rescue and executes the tasks on your behalf.
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Pick and Pack Facility

Our pick and pack services starts with the beginning of shipment journey. The products are taken to the warehouse, where they are packed and dispatched. With our... special Warehouse Management System and Enterprise Resource Planning applications, we provide the warehouse personnel an easy access to the goods which are efficiently organized, and save a lot of time in the operation. With specialized strategies for Piece Picking, batch Picking, and Zonal Picking, we manage the operation with utmost efficiency, eliminating the error chances.
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Warehouse Spaces

With our strong network in the warehouse service providers, we provide you the best possible and the most optimized solution for the warehousing needs. From different ... parameters of location, space, prices, kind of need, select the warehouse space best suiting your needs.
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Warehouse Inventory Management

The efficient management of the process to order, store, and use the inventory of a business, with in the specified warehouse, is executed with the specialized... system to put all the resources for their best utilizations. Improved responsiveness to demand and supply, informative insights for efficient control, and a better management to fasten the business process are the perks of our efficient inventory management systems.
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To develop a competitive advantage with the advanced supply chain management, and supporting the business by delivering products at national level, Amaze Wish... offers a complete suite of logistics services. Understanding the business challenges, Amaze Wish, with its strong network enabling last mile connectivity, ensures the seamless business operation with unparalleled logistic services.
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