Keep Your Products Safe And Organised With Warehouse Services Provided By Amaze Wish

Warehouse Services

Warehousing & Order Fulfillment:

Amazewish is a tech-powered fulfillment company based in Gurgaon. With years of experience, we offer warehousing, order fulfillment and the best end-to-end logistics service for cross-border ecommerce sellers (Shopify, Amazon, eBay merchants).

Warehouse And Order Fulfillment
Pick Pack & Shipping

Store, Pick & Pack & Ship Directly Warehouse :

As a professional 3PL provider in warehousing and logistics, Amazewish uses Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), provides free API and supports online real-time tracking. We are committed to offer fast and flexible shipping, which can help merchants to save time and money. We also have other value-added services such as assembly, customized packaging, labeling, adding marketing inserts.

Warehouse Inventory Management

We have well-equipped warehouse inventory management system that ensures all resources are put to optimum utilization –

  • Reduces order processing time, improves responsiveness to demand and supply
  •  Apt for warehouses and storage facilities of all sizes.
  •  Provides information insights required for efficient control on warehouse operations.     
  •  Automates warehouse processes to track goods movement and maintaining right stock levels.
  •  Optimizes material flow and enhancement of stock management.
  •  Clears the beltway faster to increase business swiftly
Inventory Management

Warehouse Space

warehouse Space

Find the best options in the warehouse on rent in the top locations of Gurugram. Total Area of warehouse is around 5,074 sq.ft. We Provide the best solutions for major industries, offering outstanding services to provide warehousing solutions to its customers.

At Amaze Wish, we provide warehouse on rent in Gurugram that is affordable and flexible as per your needs, and variable size warehouses spaces to provide to all your business requirements. Our network of units comprising of the technology-driven and security-laden spaces is a great option for people looking for a warehouse for lease. It enables you to customize it your way! Apart from this, we offer value-added services including setting distribution centers, inventory management and control, and many more.

Logistic Services

We offer a complete suite of logistics solutions that support your business in developing a competitive advance via improving the flow and supply chain management of your product.

We provide service till the last mile. Our dedicated supply chain teams work with you and understand the business challenges you face and develop practical and effective options to overcome challenges and drive your business forward.

With thousands of customers just like you, we understand your situation and has a portfolio of supply chain software and domain expertise unique to the transportation and logistics services markets. The breadth and depth of capabilities we can provide you through our Logistics Technology Platform are unparalleled in the market.

Logistic Services

Our Warehousing Services Are Secure And Efficient:

With over 6000 sq. Ft storage space in Gurgaon, Amazewish can warehouse your products safely, process orders and prepare shipments speedily.

Warehouse Receiving

Warehouse Receiving

Inspecting & Labeling

Inspecting & Labeling

Storing In Gurgaon Warehouse

Storing In Gurgaon Warehouse

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

The only one thing you need to do is to send inventory from your suppliers to our Gurgaon warehouse.Based on this, our self-built warehousing system will know what products and quantities to expect, and can stay organized and timely with receiving and warehousing.

Amazewish will identify and address quantity or quality issues before warehousing to guarantee inventory accuracy and product quality, thus reducing your storage costs, the risk of store return rates.

Each piece is labelled with barcode and each valuable product has a separate tracking number to ensure zero error in warehousing and picking.

If your ecommerce customers are all over the India, storing in Gurgaon is the best choice. Because it is cheaper and faster to use our warehouse fulfillment center.

Our Warehouse to keep your stock safe; complete with 24/7 security surveillance and insurance.

Storage usage is calculated and charged on daily basis and is ideal for fast-moving products.

Warehousing is not simply about storing in a warehouse. Amazewish uses advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) for inventory management and stock accuracy.

We guarantee that the accuracy of inventory is higher than 99% and the real-time inventory allows you to monitor stock levels and replenish stock in time to prevent shortage.

Sync real-time inventory with your online store so that your potential customers know the stock .


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